Shropshire Service Developments

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Find out more about the planned service developments for Shropshire residents

A number of developments to improve the services to residents of Shropshire are planned over the next few years and some have already taken place.

These include:

  • Introduction of a new kerbside collection of plastic bottles from all properties in the county by 2011
  • Introduction of a collection of food waste at the kerbside (usually with the compostable waste collection) to enable residents to ensure that less waste ends up in landfill (currently available in North & South Shropshire areas)
  • New integrated waste management facility in Oswestry and Bridgnorth bringing together the Household Recycling Centre and the fleet of vehicles
  • Extension to the IWMF at Craven Arms to improve recycling services
  • Investment in a new fleet of vehicles which will be more fuel efficient than the existing fleet