Recycling in Shropshire

veolia Recycling in Shropshire

Resident Recycling in Shropshire

Residents across Shropshire are now able to recycle cardboard at the kerbside

Following the roll-out of a new recycling collection service by Shropshire Council and their waste contractor, Veolia.

Residents have been provided with a blue bag for paper and cardboard.

If you have lots of cardboard, please cut or tear into small manageable pieces (the size of your blue bag) and secure together. Leave the extra cardboard by the side of your blue bag, secured so that it doesn’t become wind blown. 

To get as much cardboard in your blue cardboard recycling bag - please flatten items.


Residents no longer need to separate cans, plastic and glass - you can mix these together in your recycling boxes or purple lidded bin as these are separated later at a Materials Recovery Facility.


Residents will have extra space in their recycling boxes as they can make use of the space previously used to recycle paper

Food waste is collected in Shrewsbury & Atcham,  North and South Shropshire with the garden waste.  

For more details please click on the FAQ document below.




Take a look at how we separate your cans, glass and plastic, once we have collected it from your home.

To make a real difference to our environment we work on the waste principles set out by WRAP. These principles are:




Recover Energy



We work with Shropshire Council, the local community and voluntary organisations to meet these objectives.


Recycling is just one way to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. You can also reduce waste by reusing or repairing items.
Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) offer recycling facilities for a much wider range of materials than can be collected at the kerbside.
Each household in Shropshire receives a calendar detailing the dates that their compostable waste and recycling and their residual waste will be collected.