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Battlefield Energy Recovery Facility generating heat and power for Shropshire

Veolia was granted planning to build an Energy Recovery Facility on a site adjacent to the existing Household Recycling Centre and Transfer Station at Battlefield Enterprise Park, Vanguard Way, Shrewsbury. Construction began in October 2012.  The facility first took waste into the process during December 2014.

The Battlefield Energy Recovery Facility was handed over to Veolia on Thursday 11th May 2015.  This now means that the Energy Recovery Facility is being operated by Veolia's team. 

Come and have a look:
Tours of the facility are offered to members of the public and local community groups. To book a place on a tour, please contact Angela James on 07879 115 235.

A summary of the proposals and results of studies can be found below in the Summary of Proposal.

The Energy Recovery Facility uses the residual waste unsuitable for recycling and composting to make heat and power. Waste from your residual waste bin, instead of being sent to a landfill site, is delivered to the facility where it is converted to heat, under controlled conditions, and this is used to generate electrical and/or thermal energy.

Approximately 90,000 tonnes of waste from Shropshire per year is treated at the facility. This is about 45% of the municipal waste produced in the county and produce enough power for 10,000 homes. Now the facility is in place, along with the expansion of recycling in the County, waste that is sent to landfill in Shropshire has been significantly reduced. 



The minutes of meetings held by the Community Liaison Group since planning permission was granted are available here.
Community Liaison Group